Having grown up and lived in East Anglia for much of my life, my work is inspired by the light, muted colours, and textures of the marshes, estuaries, and landscape that surround me. I fuse glass as a vehicle to express the ethereal qualities and feelings of the salt marshes, water channels, and mudflats that I find so captivating.

The reflective properties of glass can be exploited to evoke the nature and patterns of water and land. The East Anglian coastline is typically flat but with many horizontal layers across fields, marshland and eventually sea and beyond. Layers of glass are built up and fired several times to emulate the depth of layers in the countryside.

Light refraction gives glass depth and texture. The use of opaque and iridescent glass, enamels, glass powders and frit add to the three-dimensional complexity of the pieces. I like to work on the edges of abstraction to reflect the sense of a place - maybe adding local flora, fauna, or a sailing boat for a touch of context.

I enjoy working with the unpredictability of the physical properties of glass. It is as though a moment in time has been captured, fossilised. Working with glass and heat is like trying to control the uncontrollable by careful choice of colours, composition and heat work. Despite trying to persuade the colours in a certain direction it will inevitably decide for itself! Of course, happy accidents can then lead to deliberate technique next time.

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